6 benefits of drinking water

A very important aspect of your lifestyle change is drinking of water which plays a vital role in your overall wellbeing. Yes, many a time we simply overlook or we fail to give the due importance to drinking of water but presence of adequate water in your body helps in many body functions. Yes, if you are regularly staying hydrated you are actually helping your body in its normal functioning. You will be surprised to know that drinking water has many benefits. As you read on you will come to know about 6 benefits of drinking water

When we feel thirsty?

When your body does not have enough water your brain triggers thirst mechanism. As a result, you feel thirsty. So this becomes very important for you that you respond to this important cue and drink water, juice, milk or other types of fluids. Of course, don’t go for alcohol to quench your thirst. Also, when your body does not have enough water your brain instructs your kidney regarding the amount of water to excrete or hold for reserves.

How we lose water?

Our body keeps losing water continuously. It can be in the form urine, perspiration or stool. And this continuous loss should be replaced daily if you want to have sound health.

What if you lose more water?

So what if you fail to strike a balance? That is you lose more water than your intake. Well, the answer is simple -dehydration. If your intake of water is not equal to your output, your body may become dehydrated. The loss of fluid increases during warmer climate, rigorous exercise and in high altitude. So, it is very important that you drink enough water.

Why you should drink adequate water?

Here is why you should have enough water in your body:

  1. To maintain balance of fluid

Our body contains 60% water. This body fluid helps in producing saliva, digestion and absorption, circulation, carrying the nutrients to different parts of body and in maintaining body temperature.

  1. To control calorie

Water can be the best replacement for many high calorie beverages and so it helps in reducing calorie intake. So, if instead of beverage, which is higher in calorie, you drink water it helps you to be healthy as you consume fewer calories. Even you can include food with high water content like fruits, vegetables and soup.

  1. To energize muscles

You can suffer from muscle fatigue if your muscle cells do not have enough fluids. This can be experienced when your cells fail to maintain balance of fluids and electrolytes in your body.


Water gives you glowing skin

  1. Water for glowing skin

Our skin possesses plenty of water and acts as a protective barrier to stop excess fluid loss. If your body does not have adequate water, your skin looks dry and wrinkled.

  1. Water helps flush out toxins

Water helps transport toxins to kidney and from there it is excreted in the form of urine. This transportation of waste products and flushing out of toxins can be done well by your kidney when your intake of fluids is adequate.

  1. Water relieves constipation

Things through your gastrointestinal tract flow easily if your body is adequately hydrated. When your body faces shortage of water the colon draws water from stools to maintain hydration and this results in constipation.

A 360-degree overview

Water helps in many body functions like in transportation of nutrients, in digestion and in regulation of blood pressure. If you don’t drink enough water you may be dehydrated and you may experience weakness, low blood pressure and dizziness. It’s very important that you make a schedule so that you stay hydrated always.



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