Does your cup of milk tea causes ‘fire in your belly’?

Are you one of those who desperately wait for the refreshing morning cup of  milk tea? Are you among those who cannot but go for a cup of milk tea in the morning, but right after that as milk tea side effects you experience a burning sensation in your stomach? If your answer is “yes” here is something about milk tea for you which can be an eye-opener for you because in this article you will know about side effects of milk tea and so the question that we are asking is ‘Does your cup of milk tea causes ‘fire in your belly’?’

Is milk tea good for health?

Does your cup of milk tea causes ‘fire in your belly’? Yes, the question is very important as being desperate for a cup of tea (chai) after your that ‘healthy morning walk’–meant for keeping you and your heart healthy– is quite normal. Even you might have the habit of stopping for a cup of tea at a tea stall which is on the way. If not, the craving gets satiated at home where others too happily join you for a cup of tea. But what is actually disturbing is that your this cup of milk tea can be a reason of bloating and it can entirely mar your day.

What is your morning cup of tea– tea added with milk and sugar or without anything added? No, neither we are raising a storm over cup of milk tea nor it should be played down. Because it is directly connected to your health and it  is rather causing damages to your heart, to be precise. Yes, the point that we are making is– ‘is milk tea good for health? Befuddled? Here is why.

Green and black tea benefits:

Tea- both green or black- is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Green and black teas boast of a particular plant compound called flavonoid. Flavonoids work as antioxidants that help fighting cell damage which is caused by reactive molecules known as free radicals. The more free radicals in our body the more we are susceptible to heart disease, cancer, and other types of complications.

The flavonoids of green and black teas are respectively called catechins and theaflavins. Because of the presence of these compounds, drinking of tea–both green and black — lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of cancer too.

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Side effects of drinking  milk tea in empty stomach:

But as we start making tea suitable to our taste, everything goes awry. And so one shouldn’t start the day with a cup of tea with added milk because it leads to acidity. Milk makes tea acidic. The tea antioxidants are cut down when we add milk to tea and thus our healthy drink becomes a source of inflammation and acidity. And, when we add sugar to it, tea becomes even worse. So when we kick off our day with a cup of milk tea, it disrupts the metabolic activity, dehydrates the body and leads to bloating.

A 360-degree overview:

Tea made its journey as a healthy drink because of its antioxidants but with time our morning cup of tea started coming to us with added milk and sugar. This initiation of reducing the bitterness of tea and making it suitable to our taste slowly ended up becoming an addiction. So it’s better to enjoy the bitterness of tea rather than adding sugar and milk to tea which can be a source of acidity.


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