What is detoxification and how it helps you?

Ever wondered why some people keep looking stunning in spite of their growing age? Year after year you find them still radiant, not losing their charm even a bit. Over the years, these luminaries simply defy the attack of old age and sail through in their lives so cheerfully that anyone goes green with envy of the aura they carry with them. Almost all of us wish to have a soft and supple skin like them. While, all may desperately want to have skin like them but very few might be aware of a proper cleansing process called Detoxification, because of which our body is able to eliminate toxins and it eventually helps us to have a glowing skin and healthy body.

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is following certain diet or using certain specific products that can help rid our body of toxins and hence it improves health and promotes weight loss. Yes! To start with, it is very important to detox our body with a proper cleansing process so that our body can eliminate toxins from our body. Detoxifying the body is extremely important if we want to purify our body completely in order to have a glowing skin and healthy body. To detox our body naturally, we have to just make a few changes in our lifestyle which can help us to be healthy.

How our body functions for Detoxification?

Our body is very much capable to eliminate toxins and there is no special requirement of diets or expensive supplements to do so. Our body functions in such a way that it can naturally eliminate toxins. The organs involved in the process are the kidneys, digestive system, skin, liver and lungs. When these organs are healthy, they can very well eliminate toxins from our body. So, our body is naturally capable enough to eliminate toxins from our body.

What to do for Detoxification?

By adopting a healthy lifestyle and including certain diets we can optimize the natural detoxification system of our body. Here is what we have to follow to detox our body:

  1. Sleep well

It is essential to detoxify our brain too. This is possible when we sleep well which helps our brain flush out toxins. We need to ensure that we take adequate amount of sleep because quality sleep is what which supports the natural detoxification system of our body.

Sleeping helps our brain remove toxic waste that accumulates throughout the day. In case of sleep deprivation, our body fail to flush out toxins and its build up can affect all the aspects of our health. Poor sleep can have many consequences, like stress, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Keeping our body hydrated is extremely important. Water helps regulate our body temperature and detoxifies our body by eliminating waste. Our cells constantly need to be repaired and break down nutrients for our body to use as energy. But all these processes produce waste like urea and carbon dioxide also. It can harm our body if our body fails to flush out these toxins properly. Here, water helps our body by transporting and removing these wastes by different processes like urination or sweating. Hence it is very important to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water.

  1. Consume less sugar and processed Foods

Though often we get easily tempted for all those sugary and processed foods but they can actually play havoc on our health. Sugar rich foods and highly processed foods can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. As a result, our body fail to naturally detoxify itself because of the harm caused to our different organs which helps in detoxification. By going less for all these foods we can keep our natural detoxification system healthy. Instead of falling prey to all those temptation of sugary and processed foods, it’s better to go green by including a lot of fruits and vegetables to our daily diet.

  1. Include antioxidant-rich Foods

During our normal metabolic process our body goes through many ups and downs. One of these is oxidative damage. Oxidative damage is the damage caused to our body cells when free radicals react with our body cells. Free radicals are derived from normal metabolic processes of our body. To check this, our body possesses its own antioxidants which defend these free radicals. We can also naturally find these antioxidants in our daily fruits and vegetables. Adding these foods can aid our body to remain healthy. Beta-carotene, Vitamin C and E rich foods are the best sources of antioxidants that we can add to your diet.  Fruits and vegetables are good source of antioxidants.

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  1. Say no to packaged fruit juices

Packaged fruit juices possess processed sugar, preservatives and colouring agents. These impact negatively and might play havoc on our health. Instead, we should go for fresh fruit juices as they have plenty of essential fibres which help our body in detoxification.

  1. Cut down salt consumption

Presence of too much salt in our body might prompt our body retain excess fluid. The excess fluid build-up can further lead to bloating. Actually, too much salt and less water make our body release an antidiuretic hormone which prevents from urination. But as we increase our drinking of water, our body curtails secretion of antidiuretic hormone and hence it increases urination. As a result, our body eliminates more toxins.

A 360-degree overview:

To detox our body or detoxification becomes extremely easy for our body if we make certain lifestyle changes as discussed above. While there is no magic potion to speed up the process of elimination of toxins from our body but a little push in this direction might work wonders for you and it will help you have a supple skin


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