What are lifestyle changes and how it helps you?

It is said ‘Old habits die hard’. What has your undying habit given you? Protruding belly, increasing waistline and some other ever-continuing diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and a rise in cholesterol level? If so, it is the time to rethink and make certain Lifestyle changes. Yes, with certain changes in your daily life you can actually achieve what you failed to get so far. Simple lifestyle changes can give a healthy body which has, till now, been a distant dream for you.

What are lifestyle changes?

To put in a simple way, certain changes in the way you lead your life are called lifestyle changes. Here it is very important to point out that of course these changes are positive changes only in your life. And, this is the core of any wellness program which shows you the way towards positivity.

What are categories of lifestyle changes?

Lifestyle changes are directed towards including some overall changes which are directed towards your wellbeing. Broadly, there are three categories of lifestyle changes –

1.Psychological changes:

To start with make changes in your attitude, your mood and learn how to deal with stress. In a way, it is the change in your overall approach to life.

2.Behavioural changes:

The next changes refer to modifications in your overall daily behavior, that is the changes in your day to day activities. This can be the change in your sleeping habits and daily activities.

3.Changes in diet:

Another very important aspect of lifestyle changes is dietary changes. This includes your complete changes with what to include and what to avoid. These changes help you identify the right quantity of food, water and nutritious diet.

How to get healthy lifestyle?

For healthy lifestyle, here is what you have to follow-

  1. Identify unhealthy practices

The first step would be to identify your unhealthy practices which are reasons for your present doom. Once identified, gear up to say bye-bye to these unhealthy habits.

  1. Take charge

Holding others responsible for not being able to change will take you nowhere. So, stop passing the buck and hold yourself accountable for your bad health. Believe that you can take charge.

  1. Believe that you will change

Faith can actually move mountains. So, believe that though difficult, slowly you will be able to make positive changes.

  1. Plan well

Plan in advance regarding your lifestyle changes and then try to execute it slowly. Then only it will take you towards your desired goal.

  1. Go slow

Start slowly. Expecting overnight changes can actually deteriorate your health and in turn you will need too much time to recover from the sudden losses.

  1. Be ready for setbacks too

Change, though inevitable, may be slower than your expectation. So, it might upset you for some time. But being ready for setback can actually give you the required strength to move ahead with better determination.

How to start lifestyle changes?

Lifestyle changes include physical activity and improvements in diet. So, the emphasis should be on getting the right kind of nutrition and exercise.

To expect lasting effects on your overall wellbeing, start making small changes gradually. This can be changes in your amount of sleep that you should get daily, the right balance of nutritious food that should be a part of your diet, and your daily activities including exercise and yoga, which will help you get the optimum benefit.

Make sure that the changes are meaningful and it gives you pleasure also. This will eventually help you continue the newly-adopted practices throughout your life. Also, your emotional and social health has a major role to play in reducing the risk of diseases and avoiding premature death.

A 360-degree overview

What you are today is because what you were earlier. If earlier you were careless, the time is now to make lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes can completely change your overall health and can altogether give a new direction to your life. For this, you need to assess your each habit and its impact on your health. Once you have been able to pinpoint, start making slow changes. Slowly, because of the small changes you will start getting positive impacts, which will make your each day enjoyable.


( The content of this article is for informational purpose only. It cannot be a substitute for advice from a medical practitioner. Read DISCLAIMER for more…)