Constipation; its causes, symptoms, diagnosis & treatment

Are you fed up taking pills for your troubled bowels?  You have tried a lot of medicines, powder for bowel obstruction which has defied almost everything and turned your toilet-trips into nightmarish. Well, your this constant suffering from constipation may come to an end if you slightly change your eating habits by incorporating fibre foods for constipation. So, today after reading this article you will dome to know about Constipation; its causes, symptoms, diagnosis & treatment

What is Constipation?

Constipation has become a common problem that many people struggle with. But in medical terms, when someone has less than three bowel movements in a week then this condition is called constipation. One may suffer from constipation at any age, but mostly it is seen in middle-aged people. When you are constipated, you are not able to have regular bowel movements or your stomach is not completely cleared.

Constipation is generally caused because of drinking less amount of water. But, the main causes of constipation include aging, taking certain medications, and lack of physical activity. The severity of constipation too varies from person to person. Some people complain of constipation only for a few days, but for others constipation can be chronic, and because of this they might face pain and other problems.

Common Causes of Constipation:

Constipation can be due to many reasons. Given below is a list of some possible causes of constipation:

  1. lack of dietary fibre
  2. excessive consumption of fried foods
  3. drinking small amounts of water
  4. low fluid intake
  5. staying up late & late night dinner
  6. drinking too much tea and coffee
  7. not irregular eating time
  8. eating chili and spicy products
  9. having anxiety or living a stressful life
  10. lack of sleep
  11. dehydration
  12. lack of exercise or physical activity
  13. not eating on time
  14. having thyroid problems
  15. lying down immediately after eating
  16. over fasting
  17. taking food without chewing

Again, the above list is not all inclusive and there might be some other causes too of constipation.

Common Symptoms of Constipation:

The biggest symptoms of constipation are gas in the stomach, flatulence and loss of appetite. Apart from this, there may be many other symptoms of constipation also. The other symptoms are :-

  1. indigestion
  2. nausea & dizziness
  3. stomach cramps
  4. hardening of stool
  5. mouth sores
  6. abdominal bloating
  7. Intermittent headache
  8. back pain
  9. hardening of stool
  10. pimples on face
  11. bad breath
  12. restlessness
  13. occasional vomiting

Constipation can give you headache, nausea & vomiting 

The above list is not all inclusive and there might be some other symptoms too of constipation.


Further Complications of Constipation:

One may face many problems due to constipation such as:-

  1. loss of appetite
  2. heartburn
  3. feeling of heaviness in the stomach
  4. nausea and vomiting
  5. Intestinal ulceration and inflammation
  6. Increased risk of piles, fistula and fissure disease

Diagnosis of Constipation

Diagnosis of constipation involves your doctor asking for a physical examination of the patient regarding his medical history and other existing digestive problems. Apart from this, the doctor might suggest some other tests too.

What you can do to Prevention Constipation:

If you want to avoid constipation and complications from constipation, then there is a need to improve your diet and change your lifestyle. Constipation can be treated in a number of ways, including positive lifestyle and diet changes, laxatives, exercise and medications.

To overcome constipation, one must consume foods rich in fibre. Apart from this, exercising regularly, having timely bowel movements, drinking sufficient amount of water, etc. are included. But, if one has constipation for a long time, it can be treated by making changes in lifestyle and food habits. When there is no benefit even after bringing lifestyle and eating habits, one must visit a doctor.

If you want to prevent constipation, then the following things should be followed: –

  1. eat fiber rich food
  2. drink plenty of water and other fluids
  3. Avoid excessive consumption of tea and coffee
  4. exercise regularly


A 360-degree overview:

If you ignore constipation, its symptoms can take a serious turn, due to which your problem can increase further. That’s why you should immediately consult a doctor as soon as you experience constipation. If you want to save yourself from constipation, then keeping in mind the reasons given above, you can take some precautions like walking for a while instead of lying down immediately after eating. And, most important of all change your lifestyle.


(The content of this article is for informational purpose only. It cannot be a substitute for advice from a medical practitioner. Read DISCLAIMER for more…)