7 Wonderful Health Benefits of Eating Beetroot

Beetroot is a great root vegetable, which is red in colour and contains many nutrients, which have many health benefits. Beetroot is rich in Vitamin B9 (Folate) which helps in the development and functioning of cells. Beet also helps in controlling many types of serious diseases. It is a great fibre-rich vegetable that also helps keep your entire digestive system healthy. Eating beetroot increases the amount of haemoglobin in the body. Apart from this beetroot have many other benefits. Read on to know 7 Wonderful Health Benefits of Eating Beetroot.

7 Wonderful Health benefits of Eating Beetroot:

  1. Beetroot Removes anaemia

The amount of sodium, potassium, phosphorus, iron in beetroot is considerable. So, beetroot consumption increases haemoglobin. If you have anaemia then definitely you should eat beetroot.

  1. Beetroot Lowers Blood Pressure

Beetroot contains a lot of nitrates. Nitrates reduce the increased blood pressure. If you eat beetroot daily, then the problem of high blood pressure will reduce to a considerable level. Nitrates are a chemical that reaches the digestive system to become nitric oxide and it reduces blood pressure.

  1. Beetroot Helps in Hepatitis

Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are present in small amounts in it. It is a better source of natural sugar. By drinking beet juice, you will be saved from many diseases. This juice is beneficial in the treatment of jaundice, hepatitis. It also prevents constipation and piles.

  1. Beetroot Lowers Cholesterol

Beetroot juice reduces the oxidation of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), due to which it does not accumulate in the arteries. This greatly reduces the risk of heart attack and other problems.

  1. Beetroot is Beneficial for Women & Children

Beetroot contains a lot of folic acid, which is important for pregnant women and the foetus. This helps in the formation of the spinal cord of the child. Due to the silica present in it, the body is able to use calcium effectively. This makes both teeth and bones strong.

  1. Beetroot Controls Sugar

People who have diabetes problem should also consume beetroot. It is a low glycemic index vegetable, which releases sugar slowly into the blood. This does not increase blood sugar.

  1. Beetroot has anti-cancerous property

Beetroot contains an element called Bitin, which does not allow cancer and tumours to form. Along with this, beetroot also develops immunity to fight against diseases. Drinking this juice also increases the stamina of the body.

A 360-degree overview:

Beetroot is full of nutrients. It is a rich source of sodium, potassium, phosphorus, iron. So, make sure that you include this wonderful vegetable to your diet.



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