14 Wonderful Benefits of Eating Apples

It is said ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. And this urge for the consumption of apples is not without reason. There are many benefits of eating apple. Apple is considered to be the most beneficial and healthy fruit in comparison to other fruits. Apple is rich in vitamins and nutrients, which help in curing many diseases.

Apples contain fiber and vitamins C, A and K. And, they are also low in calories. No fat or cholesterol is found in apples. What is pertinent is that when you eat apple in the morning, its effect is doubled. Apples are very healthy alkaline foods.

14 Wonderful Benefits of eating apple

  1. Apple Removes constipation

Apple is a cure for many diseases. If you have a complaint of not having a clean stomach in the morning, then you must eat an apple in the morning. This can solve your constipation problem. Consuming apple on an empty stomach is beneficial in the problem of constipation, gas and digestion. Apple contains fiber which gradually reduces the problem of constipation. Whatever may be the problem related to the stomach, the consumption of apple gives a lot of relief.

  1. Apple Keeps Weight Under Control

Eating apple helps to keep weight under control. Fiber content in apples is very high. After eating an apple, you do not feel hungry for a long time. This is the reason why you avoid overeating again and again, and eventually you start losing weight.

  1. Apple Boosts Immunity

By eating an apple every morning, you can strengthen your immunity. Apples contain vitamin C, proteins and other nutrients that increase immunity. The recent Corona outbreak has helped us understand the importance of immunity and so eating an apple a day can be your good beginning towards boosting immunity.

  1. Apple Keeps heart healthy

Fiber present in apples controls blood pressure. Apart from this, apples also contain vitamin C and potassium. These elements reduce the risk of heart disease to a great extent.

  1. Apple Cures Anaemia

When there is deficiency of iron in our body then weakness is felt in the body. This is a sign that there is a lack of blood in our body. If you regularly consume apple on an empty stomach, then it can help you get rid of the problem of anaemia. Apples are rich in iron, which cleanses the blood as well as, apart from producing adequate amounts of iron in the body.

  1. Apple Helps in Detoxification

Apple removes bad cholesterol and accumulated salt in our body. So, if you consume apples for a long time, it improves metabolism.

14 Wonderful Benefits of Eating Apples


  1. Apple Improves Eyesight

Now a days, as you walk down the street you come across many wearing spectacles, be it elders or youngsters. And here apple helps in strengthening your eyesight as it possesses all the important nutrients for good eyesight.

8. Apple is Beneficial in Asthma

The benefits of eating apples are amazing. Apple is also beneficial in asthma disease. Apple or apple juice can help you a lot in getting rid of asthma. Apple contains flavonoids which work to strengthen the lungs. This is the reason that eating apple gives relief from asthma.

  1. Gives relief from stones

For stone patients, not only apple, but apple juice and apple vinegar are also helpful in maintaining their health. Eating apple also gives relief in the pain of stone.

  1. Apple is Helpful in Controlling Blood Sugar

Apple is also very good for diabetes patients. If you eat apple with peel, it is very beneficial in diabetes and helps in controlling blood sugar level.

  1. Apple Strengthens Bones

Apple is rich in calcium. Bones become strong by eating it daily. The advantage of eating apple on an empty stomach is that it will strengthen your bones and your body will also get plenty of calcium.

12. Apple is Good for Skin

Apples are rich in Vitamin C. About half of the vitamin C content of an apple is only in its peel. So, it is good to eat apple with peel. Apples also have an anti-aging effect.

13. Apple Strengthens Teeth

Apple not only keeps diseases away from your body, but it is also capable of eliminating bacteria and viruses. Many dental problems go away by eating apples. One suffering from pyorrhoea must eat apple because the peel of apple removes the cavity of the teeth.

A 360-degree Overview

Now you know that there are many benefits of eating apple. So, what you need to do is to start eating apples so that you get the desired benefits of eating apples.  And, if you want to get the maximum benefits of eating apples, then you should eat apple on empty stomach. Also, you will be able to get the most of the benefits only when you eat it with its peels.



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