Why you should avoid junk food?

Our fast-paced lifestyle has forced us to quickly have some readymade food. In a hurry, we tend to have all those mouth-watering food like burger, pizza and much other stuff. Not only grown-ups consume these foods as they don’t have time but kids also simply love to munch these easily available food. But did you ever think that these foods, or in other words junk foods, can actually play havoc on your health as these foods not only lack enough nutrition but have lots of calories and junk foods have many serious side effects also.

Side effects of junk food

Here are some side effects of eating junk food:

  1. Obesity

Most prominently visible side effect of junk food is obesity. As junk foods are loaded with sugar, calories and fats, so these elements become the main reason for weight gain. Further, obesity may be the only beginning and it may lead to other diseases like diabetes joint pain and many other heart related diseases.


Junk food may cause obesity

  1. Difficulty in learning and memory related issues

Taking high amount of sugar and fats suppresses the basic function of the brain which aids in learning and memory formation. This is especially found in growing children when learning is at its highest. Studies show that junk food consumption leads to poor cognitive test results.

  1. Problems related to apatite and digestion

Overeating is a major problem related to junk food. As you are tempted to eat more because of fluctuation in your blood sugar level so you may end up eating more than required amount of food. It leads to brain demanding more food. It will eventually be a reason of indigestion.

  1. Depression

Consumption of too much junk food leads to undesirable changes in chemical composition of your brain. This results in your body being dependent more on junk foods. These act like addiction and eventually it might lead to depression.

  1. Improper growth and development

Junk food lacks essential nutrients. Your craving for junk food fails to provide basic nutrition required for your normal growth and development. This is why experts opine against too much consumption of junk food.

A 360-degree overview

So now the verdict is out. Though you may find it extremely difficult to cook meals at home but considering the side effects of junk food it becomes very important that you try your best to have properly cooked meals and avoid junk food to the best extent possible for your good health.


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