6 ways to keep your Kidneys healthy

Kidneys are bean-shaped and fist-sized organs which are located at the bottom of the rib cage of our body. On the either side of the spine, we have one kidney. Kidneys are extremely important for a healthy body. As our heart regulates the flow of blood to the different organs of our body, in the same way kidneys control and purify blood.  So today as you read on this article you will come to know about ‘6 ways to keep your Kidneys healthy’.

Function of Kidney

The main function of kidney is to filter waste products, unused water and separate the other impurities of blood. The toxins thus collected in the bladder are removed during urination. Apart from this, Kidneys also regulate pH, salt and potassium levels in our body. Our kidneys regulate blood pressure also and control the production of RBC. Kidneys also play a great role in absorption of calcium in our body.

What happens if case of kidney disease?

Any abnormalities or disturbance which creates problem in the normal functioning of kidneys come under the category of kidney disease. In case of kidney disease or damage, certain other diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure or other types of health problems start in our body. For example, one might have weak bones, the nerve gets damaged or someone may suffer from malnutrition.

Common symptoms of Kidney disease

Until the symptoms get severe, a person suffering from kidney disease may remain ignorant about it. Though there are some symptoms, like warning signs, which may indicate that one is on the verge of suffering from a kidney related ailment. The common symptoms, among others, might be weakness, trouble in sleeping, lack of appetite, muscle cramps, swollen feet, dry skin and frequent urge to urinate.

Who are prone to Kidney disease?

A person with diabetes has a greater risk of developing kidney disease. Also someone with high blood pressure, those who have a family history of chronic kidney disease or old people may face Kidney related complications at some point of time in their life.

How to keep your kidney healthy?

1.Exercise regularly

Regular Exercise is not just good for losing weight; it’s good for keeping your kidney healthy too. Regular exercise helps keep your blood pressure normal and keeps your heart healthy, which are extremely important if you want to prevent Kidney damage.

2.Check your blood pressure

High blood pressure may cause severe damage to your kidney. If you have high blood pressure along with diabetes, heart disease or high cholesterol, it can severely affect your body and it can be life-threatening. This is why it is important to control your blood pressure by making some modifications in your lifestyle.

3.Check blood sugar

Diabetes or high blood sugar level in your body can be dangerous. When your body cells cannot utilise excess sugar in your blood, kidneys have to suffer the consequences. In this situation, your kidneys have to work extra. Because of this overload on kidney and if this situation persists for long, it can be dangerous for the health of your kidneys.

4.Lose weight

Obese people are at a greater risk of developing numerous health related complications and due to this, they might suffer from a number of ailments. These can be diabetes, heart and kidney disease. So it is suggested that one should lose weight in order to lead a healthy life. Also, one should go for naturally low sodium foods such as cauliflower and fish.

5.Increase fluid intake

Drinking of water, apart from keeping your body hydrated, is healthy for your kidney also. Water helps flush out toxins and sodium from our body. So, it lowers the risk of Kidney disease also.

6.Quit smoking

Smoking severely affects our body. Our blood vessels get damaged due to smoking. As a result, there is a problem in smooth blood flow to our Kidneys and to other parts of our body. So, for smoother blood flow, it’s important that you quit smoking.

A 360-degree overview:

As kidney disease is widely prevalent, so in order to avoid it we should make some necessary lifestyle changes. These changes will help us prevent possible future kidney disturbances. We should try to lead a healthy lifestyle and lose weight. Further, one should go for a lot of green leafy vegetables and check the cholesterol level. In case, you suffer from diabetes, control it. Also, there is a need to limit your salt consumption for healthy kidneys.


(The content of this article is for informational purpose only. It cannot be a substitute for advice from a medical practitioner. Read DISCLAIMER for more…)